Lars and the Communication Channel

In today’s society, the world has many channels in which they communicate. Some think these channels are slowly moving away from human-to-human contact, and headed in the direction of texting, tweeting, FaceTiming and other new-fangled communication pathways.

A movie I watched over the past week really got my brain ticking about what really is a channel of communication. On one hand, they’re easily definable: a pathway in which communication is passed, from the sender to the receiver. So one might say, a common channel is texting, or letters, television, radios or phone calls. But in the movie I watched, the channel was a life-sized, anatomically correct sex doll.

Lars and the Real Girl” is a movie starring Ryan Gosling, where he plays Lars. A painfully awkward man, who lacks almost all real abilities to communicate with the people around him. To combat this, Lars is introduced to the idea of a life sized sex doll. Which he orders, and then begins to refer to as his new girlfriend. He makes up a whole story about their relationship, her origins and her lifestyle.

Throughout the movie, Lars uses the doll as a way of communication, using the questions that the doll asks, and the information that the doll needs as a way to get his questions answered. He does this in a such a convincing way, that you almost begin to feel that the doll is real.

Lars and the Real Girl is a great movie, and really shows the complexity of how deep a channel of communication can be. lars-and-the-real-girl


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