Southern accent?

Watching sports is something that can bring people together from all around. Sports are a sort of universal language between people.

This past weekend, I watched sports with some non-Americans. A girl from the UK, a dude from Germany and then 3 Americans. Myself, being from Florida, a guy from Seattle and another from New Mexico. So you could say that we were a real geographical hodgepodge. Really covering a lot of area between our homelands.

While watching basketball, we got caught up on a word that none of us said the same. Now, I don’t remember the word that we got caught on, and I wish I did. But, the conversation that stemmed from there was actually really interesting one. We talked about our own accents, and what they say about us.

american-dialectsThe British girl was said that she had a very “posh” accent, a very upper-class way of talking. Or at least thats how it seemed to some lowly Americans with our hard R’s.

The German’s accent was described as harsh, “but not Third Reich harsh” (verbatim).

The other 2 Americans were said to have similar accents, very average American accents.

Now it was my turn, and I was expecting nothing more than an average American accent – but then they said it. They said I had a slight southern accent. Which really blew me away! I’m from a Gulf Coast tourist trap, where one half of the year, everyone is from the North East. So I was not expecting to get the southern card.

BizarroDay-edThen I read the “accent stereotype” section of our textbook and it really blew me away. So I started to do some research on all of the American Accents and their origins and such. Did you know that southern drawls are pegged to be slightly dimwitted, but thought to be nicer. And that big cities are pretty bad with English, sometimes more than the South?


Well, I was really taken aback by all of that. But see ya later, y’all. It’s time for some sweet tea and football. Roll tide 


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