Miles the Medical Mystery

Healthy living and health in general is becoming more and more of a national issue that I think many American’s can’t avoid. Whether it be obesity, or some new hipster fad diet, health is on the horizon of the American mind.

I have been a very lucky person when it comes to health throughout my life. Never having any major medical problems besides a broken arm, or leg. I have no allergies and my eyes are 20/20, and I don’t have asthma, diabetes, or any other semi-common medical issue.

But that all changed my freshman year of college. One night I got sick, and I didn’t end up feeling better for about a year and half. It sounds crazy, but it was never fully diagnosed either. I now live with gasteroparesis and gastritis, and while those both sound like super bad awful diseases, for me, they aren’t. I live with them pretty well, and all it really means is that I am not the best at eating quickly, or eating spicy food. I do have some chronic stomach pain, but it’s still very manageable.

What I’m trying to say is that my consciousness of health went from basically downing a 50 piece chicken nugget all by my lonesome (and being quite proud), to having to be in doctor’s offices 4 times a month, and doing every test possible.

ketogenic-dietWhile sick, I was poked, prodded, scoped and dieted many different ways. All in hopes in figuring out what is wrong with me. I went on a keto diet, a gluten-free diet, an all fruit fast, a juice fast, a carb-free diet, a full carb diet, vegetarian diet, and a vegan diet. I avoided dairy, poultry, red meat, spicy food, and bread. And sadly, none of them worked fully, but luckily all of these crazy diets showed me what worked best. Although I am not the healthiest guy around by any means, I am just super happy that I have gained a lot of healthy weight back and that I feel pretty much normal.


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