Speaking in public

Glossophobia: the fear of public speaking.

Starting out a speech or a paper with a quote is such a cop out. But whatever, I’ll take the easy road on this one.

Personally, I love public speaking. I’m probably not so good at it, but I still enjoy the opportunity to do something that makes me nervous. I look up to good public speakers, I think its something that speaks dividends about their character.

But sometimes, that’s all it is. A character. Giving speeches is sort of like acting, for me at least it is. I have to mentally prepare myself to be a little more vibrant  in certain categories – loudness, clarity and confidence.

The persona I aim for on the stage is the “effortless goofball”, I want to be smooth on stage, but not so smooth that I seem like I’m bored or unapproachable. So to do this, I basically try to channel a mixture of characters from some of my favorite movies.

If I’m trying to be an educational goofball, someone who is smart, but not overly tackily brilliant I aim for a Robin Williams in “Good Morning, Vietnam” or Tom Hanks in “Big”.

If I’m going for a more inspirational speech, I go straight for the hard hitters – Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday” and John Belucci in “Animal House“. Beautiful use of cursing and yelling.

While I never think I’ll get the opportunity to give a speech in a famous triple A Hollywood movie, I’ll sure be prepared if I have to.

(When trying to upload a photo, I am getting a technical error about WordPress doing an update at this time, will attempt to upload one at a later time. Just imagine that photo of John Belushi wearing his “COLLEGE” sweater.)


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