~~ xX Mass Media Effects Xx ~~

I grew up in a time when skateboarding was becoming mainstream, Jackass was hilarious and adding an X to the end of something meant it was infinitely better. So I was hugely influenced by The X Games. Or the extreme sports olympics.d31177n78wi

This effected my friend group heavily in middle school, because we wasted all of our allowances at overly priced skate shops buying the brands that the cool skaters wore.

It also effected us in the way that we got hurt. I broke quite a few bones growing up – my arms 3 times, my legs once, and a few fingers, toes and my nose once. This wasn’t because I was insanely dangerous with my actions, it was because I was an awful skateboarder. It takes a lot of athleticism to be a good skateboarder, and a lot more athleticism to be a graceful faller. I was pretty bad with everything that had to do with skateboarding, besides looking the part, so I spent much of my time in a cast, standing on the edge of a skatepark watching my friends.

This is a great example of mass media effects, because if it weren’t for the countless hours spent watching Dave Mirra, Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist doing insane triple-mctwisty-flips-x then I would probably have focused more on traditional sports, or bought less ridiculous clothing during my middle school years – aka the blunder years.


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