Ass out of u and me

One of the first time I heard a teacher curse, was after a particularly long day for her. I was in elementary school, and we were all lined up for recess. Now, looking back, I imagine what a hassle this would be everyday, seeing how antsy and anxious little kids who want to get on the field ASAP as possible are probably pretty annoying. Well, on this day, the caboose of the line wanted to be the one who closed the door and turned the light off, but he closed the door too quickly as to stop someone else from closing it before him. But by doing this, he locked our teacher’s keys in the room. This is when she laid the classic, “Don’t assume! All assuming does is make an ass of out of you and me.” Which was mind-blowing in two ways; one because my teacher just said ass; and two because what a clever play on a word structure.

Assume-1Well, recently I made an assumption again, and lets just say that same word structure applies again.

My Mother is a very relaxed and cool woman, and we have a great relationship. But she’s also very family oriented, something I guess I forgot to remember a few weeks ago when some of my family would be in Orlando for a weekend at Universal.

Now, I haven’t seen this family in a long while, so there isn’t much connection between us, and to be honest – I hardly remember much about them. So I didn’t think it would be a big deal not to see them while they were in the same ZIP code (not really) as I was. But when news got back to my Mother that I didn’t make the effort to try and see them, let’s just say that I made an ass out of myself.


Lars and the Communication Channel

In today’s society, the world has many channels in which they communicate. Some think these channels are slowly moving away from human-to-human contact, and headed in the direction of texting, tweeting, FaceTiming and other new-fangled communication pathways.

A movie I watched over the past week really got my brain ticking about what really is a channel of communication. On one hand, they’re easily definable: a pathway in which communication is passed, from the sender to the receiver. So one might say, a common channel is texting, or letters, television, radios or phone calls. But in the movie I watched, the channel was a life-sized, anatomically correct sex doll.

Lars and the Real Girl” is a movie starring Ryan Gosling, where he plays Lars. A painfully awkward man, who lacks almost all real abilities to communicate with the people around him. To combat this, Lars is introduced to the idea of a life sized sex doll. Which he orders, and then begins to refer to as his new girlfriend. He makes up a whole story about their relationship, her origins and her lifestyle.

Throughout the movie, Lars uses the doll as a way of communication, using the questions that the doll asks, and the information that the doll needs as a way to get his questions answered. He does this in a such a convincing way, that you almost begin to feel that the doll is real.

Lars and the Real Girl is a great movie, and really shows the complexity of how deep a channel of communication can be. lars-and-the-real-girl